Eyes Glisten

“Eyes glisten as one gazes into another

Souls seen while hearts are held

Glimpses of future moments in time flash by

Hope instilled whilst love is born

Hearts flutter like the wings of a butterfly endeavouring to fly

Emotions rise with excitement and thrill inquisitive of what’s to come

Lips proceed with delicacy and freedom to discover

Love births an internal wild fire that creates radical change

Flames ignite a passion within that fuels the beating drum

Steps foreseen yet the path lies within the unseen shadows

The journey is depicted by the feet that lead the way

As hands join, life is lit and moments are strung together creating ones journey

For future moments are yet untold, rather encapsulated by the beholder of hope”

Guided by light

Guided by light

Seen by darkness

Held by One

Missioned to many

Purposed by the One

Destined for all to see

Loved by One

Commissioned by the heart

Eyes lit and ears drawn

Hearts ignited

Flames ablaze

Seas split

Hands touched

Feet planted

Lips and tongues purified

for the One that calls

Life portrays the callings


A choice foregrounded by

Ones foundation.


Jade Cassandra Walsh

…As the sun glistens upon a leaf…

As the sun glistens upon a leaf, the eye is enlightened to the majesty’s delicate touch. As whispers of the wind glide through one’s ears, twitches of wonder are created. Glancing upon an array of colour projects the almighty hand of His wondrous art. Scents arouse the world with each moment that is grasped. Warmth surrounding one’s inner being creates a burning spirit of safety and security. Water streams down the intricate rocks that are placed by the Creator of all. Songs hum through natures glorious creatures that lie within the trees. Creatures glide through the sky, with a free spirit, lacking all constrictions. Creations surrounding us like a whirlwind of beauty. Big and small, yet equally important to the eye of the beholder. One glimpse entices the eyes to wonder and imagine what lies ahead. Seasons pass with their own identity and purpose for existence. Days are incubated with rays of beaming sun that lights the hemisphere. As the sun passes by, it sets upon the hilly land and splatters colours upon the once blue sky. Stars begin to sparkle like crystals within an unknown and unforeseen galaxy. The night globe shadows the sun with owl eyes shining upon the earth. ………as the sun peaks over the sea-lined horizon a new day is created ….. a new breath of fresh air….a new beauty to be discovered. What shall be the beauty that entangles our hearts and eyes in a momentary glimpse upon our created world? 


 Jade Cassandra Walsh

Wandering through a multitude of varying identities

Wandering through a multitude of varying identities! Each eye passes with a forseen mission and destination. Cheek bones rising and falling dependant on the face that greets one’s emotional stance. Feet progress forward with a sole purpose observed from above. Eyes glance at the faces that pass. Yet are they registered or merely surmised as an unknown passing object? Miniature beings tug to and fro, seeking sole undivided attention. Time clocks over with a list pending, inflicting one’s ability to reach pre-set goals. Desires go into battle with one’s needs, yet who shall win the mind-boggling fight?

Colours, shapes and enticing captions allure the desires spun within, facilitating the livelihood of another whose face is unknown, yet evermore present. One’s justified bought desire becomes another’s cashed need for survival. Red tags stimulate tunnel vision, resulting in unplanned detours.

As one wanders, walls are mirrored with the beckoning of one’s pre and post path of motion. The task begins to override the journey. The individual’s self takes the mantel of first place, whilst the multitude become a mere glimpse in the distance, losing their importance. While time is pressed the brain begins to blur the visions that once passed one’s eyes. Moments are lost with self being the dominate thought.

Life becomes a fast track event, lacking eyes that identify a required pit stop. If time stood still what beauty would sparkle? What opportunities would be noted? Who would we lift our eyes to … for that single moment in our existence?

Jade Cassandra Walsh

Awakened Love

“…Awaken love opens the doors to the ultimate race. The race has now began with competitors striving from left to right, with each strive of strength one proceeds in the endeavour to reach the ultimate gift. All instincts proceed forward with the dream instilled. The dream of a destiny and a hope, a chance at life. The race continues yet many have faded loosing out on a momentary chance. The dream is in site as one push’s through the ever pressing obstacles. Shadows appear blinding and drawing back the free spirit within. Darkness endeavouring to capture the visual encapsulation of the strong held dream of a light filled surrounding. A once firm foundation becomes a ever running quick sand into the unknown fears below. Tear drops begin to rain down on the ever beating heart of a lions breath. The heart continues to beat like the rhythm of a drum, pumping vitality into the ever thirsty vessels. Ones ticker continuous its momentary existence as it proceeds on its pre-established battery. Claws of distraction clench the limbs of those unwary of its powered force. Tearing at the flesh and blood that was once sacrificed to make one whole. Appreciation lost by the lack of visibility foregrounded in ones soul. Ones gloves lifted as they begin to hit the ever pressing force of the strong hold within as it encapsulates ones light. Lighting strikes with flashes of what was, what is and what will be of ones self. Exhaustion and hopelessness become the medias vigorous meal. Heightened emotions depict the actions that proceed ones feet. Strings of past entanglements en-frame the journey ahead. Throats tighten with the swelling of undesired inflictions. Faces pass in the race with various complexions whilst there eyes open the tunnel of a soul that cries out for hope. As each step is created a stamp upon the ground is cemented. One muscle contraction can depict the movement that establishes the path you shall follow. The timer continues, what steps shall be cemented before the clock strikes. For as the expiring presents itself, the race will end with a glimpse of finial darkness or an awaking to eternal light”. 

Jade Cassandra Walsh

Continuum of Waves

“Continuum of waves interlink from one to another progressing from high to low tides! Rips suction the once staple force, incapacitating there momentary stance! Sands are shadowed by the extension of the oncoming tides! Glimpses of ships set for unknown and unforeseen destinations. The humble joining of two worlds colliding with indifference’s set apart! The ripples sweep over the unstable foundation slowly encapuatly its presence! Minds journey over the foreseen and unforeseen moments created by ones self! Peace withers within the winds that determines ones indwelling sensibility! Waves crash with the inability to know the force and form of the one to come! One glides through the up and coming with persistence and indurance with the inability to foresee the one to follow. Riding with fearlessness whilst trusting the master to guild and shape proceeding movements. Moments of crashing rocky failure creates detours to a road of success. Character depicted by the persistence and passion of ones inner self. Eyes flutter over the continuum of moments passing by. Glimpses of destinations fuels the hunger for the inevitable challenges. As moments come and go like a waves existence, one must ride each wave like its their last. For who shall know which glimpse shall be their last”. 

Jade Cassandra Walsh

As the Autumn leaves fall into the abyss of the unknown….

As the autumn leaves fall from a once flourishing tree, they land one by one into the abyss of the unknown. Seasons pass as the clouds journey from one eye to another surpassing all understanding. The once innocent eyes appear vacant grasping for a single strand of hope in a sea of ghosts. Tormenting voices capsulate the mind of those who’s ears are enclosed from the ever present still voice that shadows there existence.  Self identity infatuated with the ever breading desire for cloned perfection. Mirrors shatter with the glimpse of a momentary imperfection. Hearts grow weary as claws clench like an overbearing lour-lock incapsulating the drummers beat. Inflictions chain the dove within deactivating its foreseen capacity. A once safe zone interbreeds into the harbour of destructibility. Corruptibility and acceptability entangle themselves in the ever biding web. A once priceless existence becomes a tagged importation. Opinions vaporise the beauty that lies within. Minds of clay that where once constructed and moulded by the potter become soft and formless. Destiny becomes a mere concept of past inflictions. A once strong aspect becomes the sole destruction within. Time is lost in the hours, days, weeks, months, seasons, years, decades and centuries that continue to pass yet what stamp upon the world shall be left once we are no longer. Opportunities surpass but what shall be grasped. From generations to come will remembrance be captioned by our time in history. Relevance of a life breeds from the truth that lies within. Impending struggles will depict what is allowed to defeat or empower the once free spirit. Choices continue to allow freedom or mislead internal captivity. Existence leaves the once sort truth thats lies within, for the hours are marked and the time is given. Grasp what moments are shared as the light is only a glimpse away. 

Jade Cassandra Walsh 

Silence of the Winds

  Silence and stillness of the wind encapsulates the peace and beauty that lies within us. As the eyes of the outsider glances upon the continuous whirl wind of societies circus, it swings its prey into its ever promising enticements. We find ourselves lost in the mind of the ever fierce winds that blind us from the peace we once held. Each day becomes the next and definement of time and matter becomes inactive. Life becomes a continuum of feelings and destinations desensitising the essence of a moment. The journey of life becomes lost as the eyes hunger for the next destination, loosing the elegance and beauty of the journey that enables its existence. Stepping stones become blurred whilst minds are lost in the narrowing of what is not or what will be of the unpromised days to come. Moments are lost and forgotten with the ever breading desire for the unknown. Fear cages and strangles the once free spirit of ones being. Ones thoughts are constructed by the puppeteer that directs there next move. Hearts are burdened with the inflictions set upon the world yet what movements do we create. The world cries out for ears to be turned outward, to eliminate the ever consuming thoughts just for a single moment. Eyes are blinded to the beauty of the inner being that if unleashed creates art to explore. Feelings indulge on consuming the honesty of ones true self as they fuel the handicraft of the winds. The winds change with the seasons that come and go causing a continuous roller-coaster of inevitable changes. Purpose becomes like a stray dog that is distant from the existence of a home. Joy becomes a destination rather than a stringing of moments correlating together. The clock continues to tick with the inability to count the minutes or hours that proceed. All that is left are the single moments that build the foundations to who we shall become. Entrust in the outsiders eyes that view the world in the stillness of the winds of the beholder. The beholder of the all things will establish great joy,peace and purpose within the hearts and minds of those with eternity proceeding there existence.   
Jade Cassandra Walsh